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We have played around with using GIT in our WebFOCUS environ...

Douglas Slagowitz 3

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We have played around with using GIT in our WebFOCUS environment, and after much struggle, did eventually see it working, but only with Personal Access Tokens which should, but dont require an expiration. Im wondering if anyone out there is using GIT integration (or other SCM software) with their WF environment successfully, and if so, what challenges are you facing and if you are using GIT, what are you doing about the expirations of the Personal Access Token



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Hi Sarah, weve had a case for a while It does work, but we are reluctant to implement the GIT integration when the only authentication method that is supported (GIT issue) is a personal access token (PAT) instead of credentials. The PAT, while it doesnt require it, carries an expiration, which isnt ideal for an application and not user level connection to GIT. I was hoping to learn what other customers were doing about that.
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