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We are using OPSYS as our SSO . When trying to configure Web...

Subbarao Desu

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We are using OPSYS as our SSO . When trying to configure WebFOCUS Client REST adapter I see the below error with Explicit option

(FOC44549) Web service request: Authentication failed

Error occurred when running test for connection RESTADP, check WebFOCUS Base Url and Credentials for reason.

Any suggestions



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What did you fill in for your connection


image.png1163456 45.5 KB


I think you can look in your edasprof.prf to see what you filled in.

Make sure your Base URL is right and the user ID / password is correct and matches what you have for him in Security Center.

What release are you on

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Thanks for the update. I think the case with support is likely your best bet too.

There are still some experienced people working in the EDA side of support that should be able to help. Theyll likely ask you for traces and a savediag if you havent already sent them one.

Can you think of some way to validate your userID / PW youre using for explicit credentials besides setting up this adapter Just to make sure it can log on normally

Let us know what support tells you. I always like to hear the answer to a problem when we cant solve it here.



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