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Hi All When WebFOCUS 8 came out, IBI had a Colored Chart sh...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hi All

When WebFOCUS 8 came out, IBI had a Colored Chart showing Roles and Privileges , does anyone have that chart or know where I can access it

also if you can share some of the best practices in place for developing reports in Dev and Prod environments that will help

I am at a new client migrating them from WF 7.7.3 to 8.2.7


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The admin console has a utility that compares what you currently have in the standard Domainxxx roles to what is in the current shipping version of those roles. Since you may have customized them - they are not updated with new operations - but you can see the differences in the utility and add operations you may like.
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Hi Naeem

I think youre talking about the WF8002 Policy Design Worksheet. Looks like we cant to a real attachment here.


image.png1260471 32.8 KB


I sent the actual xlsx file to your personal email.

Theres a thread about using the diagnostics pages that Brian is talking about.

[sHARING] WF8027:Diagnostics pages

See @warren.hinchliffe comment about it.

Youd go to /ibi_apps/diagnostics/index.jsp and then choose OperationRoleMap then scroll down and choose Show All Roles


image.png901441 62.1 KB


You can dig around in here to see what you can see.


Some history that might help with terminology. Whats the difference between an Operation and a Privilege Nothing! The original name was Operation. Later we changed that to Privilege for some reason. So when you see Operation, or privileges whose internal names are like opList or opRun - thats just the original name that was used.

Roles were also called Operation Sets if I remember right.

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