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Any suggestions While testing 8.207 and attempting to delet...

Chad Smith

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Any suggestions

While testing 8.207 and attempting to delete an older folder via right click and selecting Delete, I get the following popup. I cannot find any information on Manage Private Mode.

Text states:


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You can not delete an item that is owned by someone else. If you have to right to manage content owned by others (which you could have on all users in a group or on the EVERYONE group), then the system will allow you to go into manage mode (it was in the menu bar of the old home screen - they may have missed it on newer home screen implementations). Staying in manage private mode all the time affects performance. In regular mode, when the system finds something private owned by someone else, it simply checks if the object is shared. But in manage mode, it has to go find all the groups the owner is in and then check if any of the owners groups are in the list of groups you can manage. Even with the caching implemented - it takes more time.
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