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I created a dashboard with a chart and KPIs . I have a inte...

Merin Joseph

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I created a dashboard with a chart and KPIs . I have a interactive bar chart. Im trying to have it where I can click on the bars and have it open in the KPIs that are already on the page. I tired using Autolink but it keeps opening up in new window. How do I have it open up in the KPIs on the current page

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|Edition|WebFOCUS Enterprise Edition|


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Hi Merin,

You can have a drill-down link run the kpi widget in a target panel, with parameters passed.

Refer to the Procedure in the How to Use a JavaScript Drilldown to Run a Chart or Report in a Target Panel on a Page topic:


You would need to create the drill-down in the bar chart to target the panel or panels that you want want to click, and add a class to the target panel with the kpi widget that is referenced in the drilldown.

I hope this information is helpful.

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