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Hello All, I have designing some solution, and have a doubt....

Sunil Kumar Rastogi

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Hello All,

I have designing some solution, and have a doubt. Below are few details about environment:

Infrastructure: AWS

AWS Services:


RDS as DataWare house Layer (EDL)

EC2: hosting iWay tools (iSM. IDM, etc)


Problem Statement:

The Enterprise policy is to use iWay Service Manager for any API based data ingestion.

for my requirement, SericeNow will generate real time Events, which will be exposed to iSM via REST API. these Events needs to be processed in put into the EDL layer as soon as possible.

I am thinking of using Kinesis Firehose to process these real time events and put them into EDL.

I can directly ingest data into Kinesis Firehose, but as Enterprise Standard/Policy, I should be using iSM.

Could you please let me know if iSM -> Kinesis Firehose connection is possible and which adapter I should be using


Sunil Rastogi

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