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Hey all This isnt a huge deal but mildly annoying. When I...

Toby Mills

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Hey all

This isnt a huge deal but mildly annoying. When Im working in 8207.28.07, if I maximize Chrome to edit a file, I get all the options an admin would expect.

For example if I right click this focexec, I could Edit it:


image.png615511 16.6 KB


Or delete or whatever. All my options are here. At this point I have Chrome Maximized.

Now Ill click the Restore sizing option for Chrome and try right clicking again:


Seems like my privs are temporarily lost or something. Just reload the page in Chrome and I get all my options back:


image.png604570 19.6 KB


Ill open a case on this but wanted to show you guys the symptom and workaround in case it helps.

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Seems like Responsive design issue. Viewing in mobile doesnt required Edit so probably it was removed and showing minimum items. . I noticed another issue with 8207.26 . I am not sure if it is fixed in .28. Viewing the portal in Mobile devices or Chrome device resolution settings. Mobile menu icon will show up and if we click the Icon it will open navigation menu and it wont stay open. So you cant click any tabs. i opened a case for it.
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FYI they tell me this has been fixed in release 9.

Update: Asked for them to backport that fix to 8207.28.

Got the usual, Please supply a business justification for why we should fix something we broke in .07.

I made up something for the TSR to copy/paste. If youre asking for something significant, I get that. But if youre asking to fix something in what was the latest release till last week, thats a bit of a stretch.

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