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while doing migration following utility completed with error...

Muhammad Asif 3

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Hi Muhammad

There are so many variables that might come into play for you. Id suggest you open a case with tech support.

Also just future reference, please supply a description of what messages you see when you report that you are seeing errors. Its pretty hard to even try to help you when we only know completed with errors.

myibi allows for screenshots which help a lot - and we always appreciate specific error messages in text form so that search engines can find those (for other people who hit the same or similar errors later).

Here are some things that might help you get going from the manual. We have a saying about Read the FOCUS Manual You can get a lot of info from here (Ill assume windows, but you may need the Unix/Linux version of this manual):

Installation and Configuration for Windows Release 8207 July 2021 DN4501632.0721

It sounds like you ran this manually. Either way, that utility does a few different things and it makes logs of how the process went under the WebFOCU82application_logs folder. Theres a different log for each step of update_repos.

A quick search of the document helps me know what update_repos does, and where the logs are.

Page 76, step 13


image.png1107412 54.6 KB



image.png1107654 80.8 KB


You should find clues in those log files as to what went wrong.

To get the quickest service from support, read the manual and double check that you did each step correctly. Then look through your logs for clues. Re-check the manual. THEN open a case and make sure to point out that youve read the manual and think youve followed all the steps. And provide them with a copy of your application_logs folder as proof that you know exactly where to start looking.

From there, the tech support rep will be able to ask for more information based on what they see. But theyre busy people - do your level best to solve the issues yourself by double checking that you followed the instructions. That will help both you, and TIBCO to more quickly home in on the problem.

So say we all.

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