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I have noticed the myhome application directories on the D...

Anthony Miller

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I have noticed the myhome application directories on the Data Migrator server which are personal to each individual user. I got the bright idea to develop there and not affect the main application until its thoroughly tested and ready to go.

The problem I noticed is that when I copy the application to the main apps folder, the flows still point to the old myhome application folder. Is there some migration process that can be done to move applications easily between myhome and apps and have the flow object designations correct



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We use myhome for development. You will only run into this when creating new data flows and then creating a corresponding process flow. Id suggest developing the data flows (subflows) in myhome. Then when you are ready to create a new process flow or add them to an existing process flow, promote them to your desired application. Then create a new subflow pointing to the server version of the flow vs the myhome version. Its confusing. Hope this helps.

Matt Harvey

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