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Hi, We are migrating from Developer Studio with WebFocus 8.1...

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We are migrating from Developer Studio with WebFocus 8.1.05 to App. Studio 8.2.07

We came across some issues with the migration of maintain files.


Multiple inner maintain files used:


When sometimes converting a maintain file using a couple of other maintain files, only one of these maintain files is converted and the others are not.


The CALL command does not seem to work:


In a maintain file, we use another maintain file to take a stack as an input and it manipulates it and then returns it. This is done via a CALL command. This command does not work. We even took the code out of the called maintain file and added it directly in place of the CALL command and it worked. So the problem is not in the code rather in the CALL command itself.

Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,

M. Nagy

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