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Im testing some batch procedures in 8207.28 and have starte...

John Gelona

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Hi John

I havent really noticed that but Im not looking real close.

Can I ask what youre doing at the time you see it Is this a Data Migrator deal

I ask because the only notes I can find for DATREC in manuals that I have is for Data Migrator.

Not that this is particularly helpful, but since you asked about a new behavior in 8207 and used the word DATREC, I found it mentioned in the WF Release Notes. Might worth a scan to see if any of this looks like what youre seeing:

WebFOCUS Release Notes Release 8207 November 2021 DN4501762.0721

Page 334 Cross Database Join Performance Improvements

Page 616 Specifying a Location for Sampling Data

Im just throwing out things that I see with simple searches. I dont use that HOLD format myself.

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We dont use Data Migrator. This is just a batch program Im working on that collects data for a temp .foc file that is use in a report. It appears to be output from an internally built MATCH FILE. Im joining from a .foc file to an Oracle table and from the messages it appears WebFOCUS is building a MATCH FILE. Ive been suing the FOCUS language since 1985 and have never seen this. I was just wondering Why now.
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I found out why I was getting the message. My join (multi-segment focus file) from the top segment to the oracle table and testing on the lower segment gave me a multi-path scenario. I inverted the focus table and the message went away. That used to give a warning but apparently it doesnt do that anymore.
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