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Along the same lines as a recent post regarding displaying d...

Klaus Opitz 2

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Along the same lines as a recent post regarding displaying data adapter variables, does anyone know how to display data adapter connection parameters from within a procedure. Specifically, I would be interested in displaying the URL as well as the Connection Name when a simple report procedure is run. I would think this would be possible, but so far my searches have come up empty.
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There are some commands to query connections which could be redirected into a file. The old devstudio used them (I dont remember if they are documented). I am not sure they show the URL and it might be considered a security issue if they show that to non admin staff (information exposure). You would have to do a systables FMI request to get the connection name from your master file.
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Hi Toby,

In this particular case we are going against a MySql database using a JDBC connection. There are a couple of databases that we are switching between (for DEV/QA efforts), so displaying the connection would help non-technical users to self-serve in determining what database the environment is currently pointed to.

That being said, I do have another way to get to this and it will work just as well. I can simply select the database name and display it in a fex. That will give the users enough to go on. I was just curious if the data adapter connection parameters were accessible after reading a recent post regarding the display of other data adapter parameters.

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