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Hi, Internet Explorer 11 is out of support and I was wonderi...

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Hi Mohamed

The browsers that are compatible are likely all old because 8105m is pretty old.

The link I found doesnt work anymore.

Your best bet is to open a case with Tibco about this one.

I will say that 8105m has problems working on high DPI monitors with Chrome and Edge (with the Chromium engine). the cursor can come out misaligned. I dont think this is such a problem if you arent using a high res monitor.

See what Support says. Its probably time for you guys to think about upgrading your WebFOCUS software. Thats what Im having to do at my site.

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Hi Mohamed,

I like what I see in 8207.28, but if you want to go a little less cool, 8206 has more of a familiar look and feel.

Up to you - either one will work well for you regarding your browser issues.

If you have any questions about getting the move done, feel free to post here. Several of us are going through the same upgrades.

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