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Hi All Does any one have a list of security issues with this...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hi All

Does any one have a list of security issues with this version We have tested with this versions and now Tibco is asking to upgrade to 87.28 version what are some of the new features in this new version

also has anyone done converting 8.1.5M repository to 8.2.7 repository, I used it from 7.6 to 8 I am sure it has changed ,


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Hi Naeem

Im going through an 8105m --> 8207.28 right now.

Ive done it a few times, but Im lucky that I get away with not using a lot of the migration tools. My users are set up to autoadd, so I didnt have to worry about bringing new users in.

I use CM exports from 8105m and just Import the packages into 8207. Works like a champ. Bring the Groups and Rules of course to get all the pertinent parts in there.

Im also fortunate to not have lots of caster jobs / library objects to worry about.

I will say if you want to do the update of database in place, be sure to read over the specific parts of the manual that describe the order of operations.

I started this process so long ago, that 8207 didnt have a migration utility yet. The only option was CM export/import. But I actually found that to work just fine and for me, it seems a little simpler to do a clean install and let the database be created from scratch. Then import content. I suspect it also avoids small problems in the migration tools.

Let us know if you hit a snag in migration and maybe I can help you get over it.

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I was planning a CM migrate, then ended up using the dbmigrate feature. It actually worked very well. A bit slow if your repository is large (hint, raise the jvm memory on the migrate utility), but it is a way of keeping the focexec properties createdby, lastupdateby, lastaccessby properties.

Weve had a few problems with 8207.26, that I think not are all solved in 8207.28.

I think there are issues with InfoAssist with the combination of hold files, multiple joins (like 3), and a define on the final report. If you do any of that, you might wait till they have it fixed.

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HI jnc Does the dbmigrate migrates only fex or it migrates full repository including users , fex , ReportCaster Library I used process that TIBCO Support Provided but I get the error See below

Since I started with the production repository when I started the upgrade process, now I need to get the latest repository from Production and then use the Change Man process to update all the remediation ending up with all the users , Reports Library with All the reports ,


image.png1307501 67.8 KB

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Hello Naeem,

It moves the entire repository, lock, stock, and barrell. Everything.

It is the tool to migrate the repository, meaning its intent is to move the entire repository.

this topic is covered in the migration manual. I think some people miss the fact that there is an 8207 migration manual, I know I did. Once I found out there was a migration manual, it made the migration easy. just find /ibi/WebFOCUS82/utilities/dbupdate/ then review the doc on db_replicate.

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Hi Naeem

I hadnt even seen db_replicate till John brought it up. Looking in my PDFs, I found that one in the security manual.

I used to use db_inplace_update.bat - thats in the installation manual.

Id swear I saw these things before in a migration manual too, but I didnt see them just now.

Heres the info on db_replicate in the security manual:

Appendix I Replicating the TIBCO WebFOCUS (p. 726)

If youre looking for the db_inplace_update option, thats described in the Install manual. Heres a link for the Windows version for you:

Upgrading In Place from Release 8.1 Version 05M to Release 8207 (p. 68)

The process is described in some detail there. The thing Id like to see would have been a way to point to a whole different database to migrate to instead of having to use an inplace option. For example, our 81 database is called WebFOCUS81 and our 82 database is named WebFOCUS82. Itd be cool if there was a utility that recognizes that youre going to land your new repository in a new database rather than using the 81 database.

I suppose you could to the inplace update following all the rules in the install manual. Then use db_replicate to copy the newly updated 82 repository to the right database name.

It all added up to a lot of hassle to the point I felt like just CM packages were easier for me with our fairly simple environment.

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