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Hey Chuck, before I left IBI, there was a LONG post by - I a...

steve hodos

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Hey Chuck, before I left IBI, there was a LONG post by - I am pretty sure - Art G. about the difference between PACKED and DECIMAL, and the impact on ROUNDING. It does not appear to have made the move to TIBCO support - Any chance that document still exists anywhere

Thanks, Steve

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I have a PDF of an article by Art Greenhaus and Noreen Redden, From the FOCWizards that appeared the IB Systems Journal. The article answers the question:

Why does FOCUS apparently round down When a number ends

in a 5, why does FOCUS seem to truncate when one less decimal

is displayed

Here is an upload of the article:

sj9605_162_focwiz[1].pdf (147.1 KB)

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Ahh, the Systems Journal- something else one used to be able to search on, and is now gone. This post was great because it referenced the CompuServe FOCUS forum. Still, this article did not help much- the title of the article is Question: How do JOIN and JOIN TO ALL behave, and how do they interact with ALL

FWIW- I am pretty certain that what I am remembering (subject to the winds of time) was not an article from the IBSJ, but, who knows. Chuck, say it aint so, and not EVERYTHING from the old TechSupport site is gone with the wind

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Thanks Chuck. The larger issue seems to be that there is a lot of doc from the old tech support site that has not made its way to Tibco. For example, Google used to be able to point to this url:


Now all you get is page not found if you click on the link, and Google no longer can find it in a search. This post is Susan Jones great article about ReportCaster and Zulu Time, useful information even today.

David, thanks for the SJ article- this is (like much of anything written by Art and Noreen) still useful. Still, this is not the post I was thinking of, but a pretty good review of the topic nonetheless.

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techsupport.ibi.com takes me to the following site: https://support.tibco.com/s/

I search on: rounding decimal art greenhaus

No results for rounding decimal art greenhaus

When I search on: rounding decimal packed

that gives me long list of hits, including this one:


which is not the post I was looking for, but pretty good, but from a manual.

In fact, these all look like they are entries from manuals.

What I am talking about is a class of entries from TechSupport that just used to be posted (like from Art, or other users) like Susans Zulu Time post.

If I select Tibco IBI for a filter, I only get IBI related posts on rounding, which is helpful, but

In IBI-land, one used to be able to EXCLUDE manuals from the search (which TIBCO does not seem to allow).

If I further filter on 2017, I only see entries from manuals.

So- two questions:


did only manuals get moved over- no Tech Memos or other supporting doc

did nothing older than 2017 get moved over


Thanks, Steve

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Another good example, I just happened to stumble across today. Francis Mariani wrote a nice article on dates (and using DEFINE FUNCTION with then, if I remember correctly). It was at this link:


Now, it is gone. There was a lot of good stuff. It would be nice if it turned up on an old drive somewhere and was made available again.

All the best on your coffee break.

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Right, that url - /support/developers - is all over focal point, now confined to the internet dust bin. My recollection - I hope it isnt nostalgia - is that there was a LOT of useful material there. With any luck Chucks replacement will be able to get us a final reckoning.
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