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(FOC36223) FILENAME ibwf2:8080/ibi_apps/run.bip SPECIFIED BY...

Muhammad Asif 3

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Thanks David for your response, we are actually trying to run old version fex reports in webfocus 8207.27 version which uses htm files and I have uploaded main htm file to repository and I have set default parameter values in fex files which are still in file system not on repository. Report works by running htm file but it does not pickup user filters which are on another launch.htm file either from server or file system. main htm file has Console errors. Failed to load bunch of .js files. Any Suggestions to fix these issue
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HTML page created by Appstudio is different than the regular HTML Page . it is a XML file and it will render the contents during the run time. Some of the syntax may changed in the new version. it expects full path for fex and files. You may have to open the HTML page with new version of appstudio and save it. it may fix the file references based on the new version. One of my customer migrated from older webfocus to new which broke the html pages. We fixed some of the HTML page issues by opening it in appstudio and save it. Some of them we had to recreate.

Page designer is better alternative for HTML Page.

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