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Hi Everyone, I have installed version 8207_28. I have opened...

Manoj Chaurasia

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I have added the folders to APP PATH. But still its not showing. DO I need to restart the Reporting Server


image.png1105302 19.3 KB


For the new version 8207_28, First I have installed the Reporting Server, then installed the WF Client and then installed the AppStudio. They have separate setup file for Reporting Server in this new version.

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Hi Everyone,

I have installed version 8207_28. I have opened the portal and tried to create new Visualization using the sample master file.


image.png977757 64.9 KB


In the Visualization window, I can see only the Baseapp folder. The other sample folders are not listed in this window to select the master file. Required master files are in the ibisamp folders.

I dont know why other App Path folders are not listed here. Do I need to update any setting in this new version to show the other App path folders


image.png1847682 81 KB

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Side note on this topic - isnt the new Management Center (admin stuff) part of .28 kinda cool. Lets use it to look around this issue.

First, Id stick with doing it the way Chuck has described because it gives you nice granular control, but my bet is - your client thinks approot is in one location, but your reporting server thinks its somewhere else. I dont think its your directory permissions but well look at the end.

Check the admin console / Application Directories for APPROOT


image.png1745407 53.8 KB


If you compare that to your edaserve.cfg using Server Workspaces, Configuration Files the right click / edit on edaserve.cfg. See if your approot according the the reporting server matches what your client has for APPROOT:


image.png1276717 92.5 KB


Last think you might look at since its easy with the Management Center is to check your Directory Privileges:


image.png1307933 54.8 KB


Looks like Im admin so I have the world.

And we looked at all that without leaving our /ibi_apps/ default page.

Obviously I like that part of the interface

Just passing this along as a working example of what you might do with Management Center.

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