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I noticed in 8207, the echod code and messags are rendered ...

William Kassebaum 2

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It doesnt seem like it was that long ago we were hanging out in NYC.

In App Studio, you can click the down arrow next to the run button and choose message viewer options. Then when you run, see something like this:


image.png16751434 149 KB


I think this is adding IBIWF_msgviewer=option to the url that runs the report.

Developing Reporting Applications, page 431

On the home page you can Run with SQL trace:


With this one, you would need to have the -SET &ECHO-ALL; explicitly coded in the fex.

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Hey DaveI was telling the McSorleys story to by gf who is from the city just the dayhaha

and thanks for the info

i tried those different optionsbut what I was seeing is that if there is an error in the code (got knows that never happens)and the code failsthat is why it doenst render to the browserregardless of the 'run settings

I should have made it clearer that this is when there is an error in the code. Im getting a error in report mssg in the browser



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I noticed in 8207, the echod code and messags are rendered into the browser in a div with display:none as an attribute. this causes the rendered verbiage to be suppressed in the browserand, to view it, one has to go to view sourcewhere it is tied w/ all the other HTML of the page

While this is great for production environmentsand rightfully hides ugly errors for the end usersfor development environmentsit is not appropriate.

is there a WF client setting to have this turned onso it can be rendered



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