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Hi Folks, I wanted to put Validation for Start date and End ...

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Hi Folks,

I wanted to put Validation for Start date and End date filter in Page designer. validation condition: start date will be always less than the Enddate.

I have written JavaScript code in page designer but unfortunately it is not working for me. Here my code.




var startdate=document.getElementsByClassName(DATECONTROL_OPERATIONS)[0].innerText;

var startdatedata=startdate.split(n);

var date1=startdatedata[2];

var mydate = new Date(date1);

var enddate=document.getElementsByClassName("DATECONTROL_OPERATIONS")[1].innerText;

var enddatedata=enddate.split('n');

var date2=enddatedata[2];

var mydate2 = new Date(date2);

if (mydate2.getTime()< mydate.getTime())


alert("End date should be greater than Start date");

return false;




thanks in advance!

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