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Not sure which category- but is there a way to append date/t...

Barbara Trowbridge

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Sorry for my naivete- but is David saying that you would only need to Save Report As: product_revenue_&DATEH14 My colleague gave me some code to use in the .fex and more changes for ReportCaster- but if I can append date/timestamp with one step- Im all for it! Please clarify When I tried the product_revenue_&DATEH14- in the Task only, thats literally what prints out on the file- not the date/timestamp. I must be missing something. Should that be in the .fex as well or only in the Task of the Schedule Should it be in the Distribution Information: Name: product_revenue_&DATEH14 Ive been trying various permutations and I havent gotten it to work yet.

Thanks again

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Hi David:

We are planning to move to 8.2.07 but are currently on 8.2.01M. Ill try a few more times. I was able to get a combination of things working- a change of code in the .fex, a .fex to reference, and changes in the schedule- but much prefer the method you and Chuck recommend- one change to the schedule itself- much easier to maintain. Thanks so much for your help!

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