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Under the export feature in Active report menu, Is there is...

Merin Joseph

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Under the export feature in Active report menu, Is there is a way to get the correct csv option with the working excel, HTML and pdf at the same time




using the above code csv is exporting in a different format WFServlet.ibfs.

When i commented out ON TABLE SET WEBVIEWER ON , the csv is working but the pdf option is not working.

Product version: 8206



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I did reproduce what you are experiencing with The on demand paging interface only works when HTML is the output so this is an anonymity. I tried the same thing with and it behaves exactly the same. I think you should report this to techsupport and get their take on what is going on.

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With webviewer on - the data for the report is kept in foccache And what happens when an export is done is that a fresh adhoc request is run that does a PCHOLD FORMAT PDF or format CSV (maybe its another name I didnt trace it). The request URL will be something like WFServlet.ibfs.. and the result will be PDF with the correct mime type headers, etc. The browser recognizes the PDF mime type and it works - regardless of what is in the URL. But (and this may be browser specific) it is not auto recognizing the csv format and it is looking at the invoking URL to make a guess and it does not know what to do with the .ibfs extension. What happens if you just have a simple hold format CSV fex on the server that you run with WFServlet,ibfsIBIF_ex=fexname I am guessing the same thing. The last check is to run the fex with simply WFServletIBIF_EX=fexname . You dont need the .ibfs extension. If that makes everything fine, I believe there is a setting that defaults to WFServlet.ibfs which can be changed to simply WFServlet no dot and extension. Remember to check ALL browsers!

You may want to see what happens if you register the ibfs extension on your browser.

Now without webviewer on - the export is done completely differently. All of the data is IN your browser and the AHTML JS code running in your browser knows hows how to write a CSV file. There is no interaction with the sever and there is no URL. But that JS code does NOT know how to do all the other formats the server supports - like PDF or PPT or That is why there is no PDF option there.

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We opened a case for this issue, got a suggestion to add the following line of code to the procedure:


This is for adding the newest version of active report formatting. It seems to be working in our end. But when client tried that in MAC, the csv is working but xls is not formed correctly. it opens like that in Numbers on the Mac and wont open at all in Google Sheets( Find the image below). Did you guys know the reason for that

image (15).jpg28801618 548 KB

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