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Since I couldnt find a direct explanation of this error, I ...

Toby Mills

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Since I couldnt find a direct explanation of this error, I thought Id post it here for now.

When installing 8207.27 WFRS on a new box, using a Silent Install parameter file, I received the following error:

Error:license is redefined

This is because my silent install parms list our old value for the license key like:

-license xxx-xx-xxxx-xx

Just remove that parameter and itll work.

The newest Server Installation manual already omits the parameter correctly but the help that shows up when you invoke setup.exe with the - incorrectly lists the license as a parameter you might pass in.

I need to learn more about this process. In the Server Release notes, it also says the Golden Key makes the license obsolete (on new installs like the one Im working on).

Anyway - I know very few people use the silent install parms, but they can be handy when you have a dozen or so servers to install.

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