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Hello! I am trying to use system variables inside of the hea...

Catherine Yeung

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Hello! I am trying to use system variables inside of the header in Designer in 8207. When I did this inside of Infoassist I could use use && and the name of the system variable / parameter but that is not working for me in the designer heading of a page.

Does designer have its own way of identifying system variables

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There are two kinds of multiple display outputs. One is a compound report in a fex which IA would build for you : the whole request is in the fex and &&globals will work. The second is a designer page where each chart/report runs as its own fex, but the page titles are never sent through the server and are rendered by the designer JavaScript runtime. Unless an enhancement is done (or was done in the last few months), Globals will not work there. To make things more confusing, there was a project to render a designer page offline which in affect ran the whole page as a compound report - and that should support the &&globals!
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