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Hi, We have a file in a folder that is moved from ETL File L...

Manoj Chaurasia

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! rename c:ibiappsbaseappd121042301_test.txt.d210518 d121042301_test.txt0418




If I use the below DOS command, Im getting rename: not enough arguments error

! rename homewebfocusarchived121042301_test.txt.d210518 d121042301_test.txt

The Actual file name shows as d121042301_test.txt.D210518.T001713

Im running this command from the DataMigrator procedure.

DataMigrator version:8207

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We have a file in a folder that is moved from ETL File Listener. The FIle Listener renaming the file with date & time while moving to the archive folder. We need to rename the file again to the original name and Extension.

The Original Filename is d121042301.txt. The File Listener changed the file name to d121042301.txt.D210517.T061022.

We need to rename from d121042301.txt.D210517.T061022 to d121042301.txt.

If I used the APP RENAMEF command and it shows the below error.

(FOC36338) FILE DOES NOT EXIST: archive/d121042301.txt.d210517.t061022

Can anyone help me with how to rename this file

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