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Hi, We are using DataMigrator version 8207. In our project, ...

Manoj Chaurasia

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We are using DataMigrator version 8207.

In our project, We need to use File Listener to read the source file(.txt) once the file is placed in the folder.

We need to keep the source file in the same folder after the process because we have another step to load the data from the same source file. So I didnt select the DISCARD option in the Post Processing Actions. See the screenshot. But while running the flow, The source file is deleted or moved somewhere else.

How to keep the source file in File Listener

We cant load the data in a single flow because the source file has different segments and we already have separate processes to load data from each segment. Now we need to automate this process by reading the source file once the file is placed.

I tried to move the source file to the same folder using the ARCHIVE option in the DISCARD setting, but the file name was changed with the timestamp and some other extension like .D210512.T022628.

Can we move the source file without adding timestamp & file extension

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