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Hi Team, In ETL, we are loading data into a target table tha...

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi Thirumaran

I have no experience with SCD so I pinged product management about this question and was told that the DM User Guide under Procedure: How to Assign SCD Columns on a Synonym should provide you the information you need. It was also said that version 8.2.07 has a lot of improvements in regards to SCD and that is the recommended version to use.

Notes about the improvements in the 8207 version.

The overall algorithm has been enhanced, eliminating an extra path of reading the source and processing the target.

Previously to override the default Begin and End dates for active and inactive records required writing a stored procedure. Now, they can be specified from the target options.

Recommendation : use Web Browser to design the SCD type of Flows.

For the Type 1 the logic was revised and improved with a better run-time performance. In particular for the situations when Only active rows selected on the Load Type.

In previous versions, when a Slowly Changing Dimension field Change Flag was set to a Date format, DataMigrator did not assign a value to this field. Now, the SCD field on a synonym, Activation Flag, can be described as an integer or as an Alpha variable in characters.

A user can mark the record as active or inactive using custom values instead of previously available default (static) values (0,1). Now, you can also assign a specific, not-null date value for the End Date in the active records.

Additional topics can be found here as well.



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Hi Team,

In ETL, we are loading data into a target table that has only the Identity key column. we have comp_no, cust_no columns but the comp_no is not unique. so these columns not added as keys in the DB table.

So we used Lode type as SDC and in the master file, we used SCD type as LKEY for comp_no, cust_no, and SCD Type I for other columns. But while loading the data, we got the error one or more of the required SCD Types are not assigned:ACTFLAG.

How to resolve this error do we need to create a separate column for ACT_FLAG in the table


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