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Hi, Im new to using WebFocus App Studio. Im using App Stu...

Frank Wiley

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Im new to using WebFocus App Studio. Im using App Studio 8203.

I was wondering if theres any documentation on how to save a CSV file using App Studio. I used the Unstyled Format >(COMT). I get the message No output was returned Possible causes: - Output was directed to a destination such as a file or printer. I dont get this error and I get the correct data if I use any of the Styled Report Formats.

I thought Id ask this question to the community before I Google the error. Sorry for such a newbie question.



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If you are seeing something like this:


the No output means that no output was returned to the browser, its not saying a hold file wasnt created. See where it says



That is indicating that there are four rows in the data hold file it created.

Did you also click the Destination (HOLD) button:


image.png1219303 63.4 KB


And then specify a location/filename where you want the file too You need to do it in the Name input box:


image.png766392 9.6 KB


Then when you run it, the file comtdata.csv is in the baseapp folder.

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