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Hey everybody, I inherited an instance of the reporting serv...

Ricky Ray 2

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Hey everybody,

I inherited an instance of the reporting server with a lot of problems. Everything (all synonyms, acx files, etc) was put into baseapp. App Studio would take forever to load and navigating your reporting environment would take forever. We recreated the pertinent synonyms in a new application path which all of our reporting references in an APP PATH line of code.

So all of our reports have this kind of code


which reference the new place where all of the synonyms are at.

We also cleaned out baseapp and removed all of the synonyms and other data. Everything was working well except that existing reports that used a FIND command to populate amper autoprompt would spit out an error. Error occurred during Autoprompt processing.


Even though I have the APP PATH reference in the report, it still is looking in baseapp for table referenced in the FIND command.

I can resolve this by creating a the synonym referenced in baseapp but I would like to avoid this if possible. Do I have any options

App Studio 8105m

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Go to know! It was like that already in the global server profile, so I didnt change it (I just added my new application path to it).

@chuck.wolff I did it all on one line, not separate commands. But from what David is saying, it sounds like I dont even need the reference to baseapp in the global server profile. I will leave it as is, everything is working and I am not experienced enough with these things to feel comfortable monkeying around in the administration console.

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Hey Ricky

One more thing to add to what David has already passed along - now that you have your edasprof.prf using the new PATH, you really didnt need to add all those APP PATH statements to your individual fexes Doesnt really hurt to have them in there, just saying you might be okay to take them back out.

Glad you have it working.

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Thank you all!

Is there any way that edasprof would get changed on an automatic process I changed it yesterday to reference the new path and today I go back and it is only referencing baseapp again. I really doubt anyone else is touching the file so the only thing I can think of is either A. Maybe there is some sort of process that could roll back edasprof back to its default or B. WebFOCUS gremlins

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