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Hello, We are currently upgrading to 8207 from 8202 and have...

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We are currently upgrading to 8207 from 8202 and have experienced the following issue. Some of our launch pages have a multi-select drop down static list that doesnt reset when the RESET button is hit. I reproduced this in App Studio by creating a simple HTML page with a drop down list and a RESET button. It seems that if the multiple property is not set, then the reset works fine. The drop down list is a static list in the current reports, but I also tried using an external file and got the same results. I have another drop down list on the same page that is dynamic, but not multi-select. I can make it multi-select and then run the launch page, make multiple selections, and then hit reset and it works as expected the selections are cleared. So it appears that the issue is specific to having a STATIC list with multiple selections enabled. Also, I have tried adding javascript to handle setting the list back to the default, but no luck there either. I was going to create a case, but wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts or work-arounds. We have come across a handful of things that worked up through 8202, but now dont work in 8207 but have been able to come up with work-arounds. So I am hopeful we can find the same. I guess I could create a table to hold the list, but I dont want to have to go to that extreme for something that should be quite simple.

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