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Hello does anyone have experience creating a cross-shoppin...

Ira Haimowitz 3

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Hello does anyone have experience creating a cross-shopping or market basket analysis using SQL tables and then IBI Webfocus

Ultimately I am trying to create an NxN 2-D square heat map type of grid showing

Prob(purchase Product 2 | (given) purchase Product 1)

See image attachment.

Any guidance most appreciated.


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You will want your SQL data table in columns like this:

Purchase Potential Percent


Product1 Product1 100

Product2 Product1 27

Product3 Product1 1

Product4 Product1 93

Product5 Product1 63

Product1 Product2 72

Product2 Product2 100

Product3 Product2 71

. . .


You would have a metadata synonym for the table, create an InfoAssist chart from it. In InfoAssist, on the Format tab choose Other, Chart Type. In the Select a chart pop-up window, pick Special then heatMap (a.k.a Spectral)


image.png675698 69.5 KB


Then you can build the chart from there.

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