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I am starting to take over a project that uses latitude/long...

Casey Green

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I am starting to take over a project that uses latitude/longitudinal data to represent locations on a map content piece and the client wants very specific formatting for the visual representation of these points. Weve made the changes in the text document to modify the colors and shapes represented by the location points and according to the documentation on IBIs website it should be working correctly, however the shapes of the points are not being reflected correctly in the map (we are currently using a diamond shape, circle, and arrow, but all data points are displaying circles on the map). Interestingly, the shapes appear correctly on the map legend. We are also setting different sizing options for various series points (a fuel stop is larger than other gps pings and colored purple for example) however the sizing appears correctly when running the map content but not after placing the content in a visualization page or portal. Weve made sure to turn off any page-to-content styling inheritance so Im sort of stumped as to why some of these formatting options are being reflected in the content but others arent when placed into a page.
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