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How do I add the RELATIVE-TO with the Document Composer I h...

Chad Smith

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I can do this in 8.2.06, assuming it is the same in your 8.1.05M.

Set both reports Properties:


Select Report2 and then [Ctrl] select Report1 so that both reports are selected. On the Positioning tab in the Relationships section you will find Bottom Left icon.


image.png702775 161 KB


Click on the Bottom Left icon. Then you will see an arrow connecting top left of Report2 to the bottom left of Report1.

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How do I add the RELATIVE-TO with the Document Composer

I have Report1 that could have 10 lines or it could have 100 and I want Report2 to adjust its starting position based on where Report1 finishes. According to the documentation, I should right click the report and select Customize Fixed Overflow, however the text is grayed out so its not selectable. Im not sure why its grayed out

In my old life, I would have hand coded the report to be something like the below:

COMPONENT=report1, TEXT=My Report 1, TOC-LEVEL=0, POSITION=(0.519 0.602), DIMENSION=(* *), METADATA=Z-INDEX: 117; LEFT: 0.519in; WIDTH: 7.417in; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 0.602in; HEIGHT: 0.895in, $

COMPONENT=report2, TEXT=My Report 2, TOC-LEVEL=0, POSITION=(+0.001 +0.035), DIMENSION=(* *), RELATIVE-TO=report1, RELATIVE-POINT=BOTTOM-LEFT, POSITION-POINT=TOP-LEFT, METADATA=Z-INDEX: 117; LEFT: 0.583in; WIDTH: 7.417in; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 0.200in; HEIGHT: 0.895in, $

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

WF 8105m

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