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I added a few new filters to my report, but they are not com...

Nicholas Boyer

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I am not clear on how you are doing this. A report is a separate entity and when you create a visualization you are starting over selecting the data you want to access not an existing report or at least that is how I am seeing this. You would have to redefine your filters for the visualization.

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Hi @chuck.wolff, I set the filters in the report as parameters, so when I bring the report content into a visualization it gives me the option to bring in the associated parameters. For some reason, it is not giving me the option to bring the new dynamic parameters that I set up in the report into the visualization. Does that help
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Hey @chuck.wolff, I got it to work. When I brought in additional filters, the filter names defaulted to a name that matched the name of a filter already in my report, thus the report was not recognizing that I added a new parameter.

Once I changed the names, it started to display properly. Sorry for the run around and thanks for the help!

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