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We have an application directory that is put into the app pa...

John Edwards 2

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We have an application directory that is put into the app path via the MRE (domain) folder settings. We use these settings when we call focexecs all the time, and it works flawlessly. An extra layer of security.

We have an html page that we call in an app directory, and the drop-down that loads from a master file in that MRE-set application directory does not load. It appears to not be able to reach a master file that is in the app directory we set via the MRE domain. We put that app directory into the official app path and it instantly corrects the problem.

How do I get an html drop-down load routine in an html unit to see the MRE-defined app directory please It doesnt seem to matter if the html unit is in a domain or in an app directory. APP PREPENDPATH put into a focexec that calls the html unit didnt fix it either. Is there a setting in the html unit that will fix this

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No. I can re-attach the drop-down to get it to link if I put it there, but then I get an error in the destination box.

Having it in MRE is a bugger for our CM, but I think I need to move it, modify it, debug this new problem in order to be on the right side of the line for this particular data source.

Really a shame the domain-specific app path doesnt apply. That would make this stunningly easy. It works for reporting, not for html.

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I was able to reproduce your issue, then find a workaround. Hopefully this would be workable for you.

I created baseapp/page.htm that references other/dropdown.mas to populate a dropdown. The other/ folder is not on the app path.

I created a URL in MRE to call the page:


image.png1140732 25.7 KB


That is URL


with the IBIAPP_app=other it is able to find the master to populate the dropdown.

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