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Hello, I am trying to find a way to create definitions withi...

Nicholas Boyer

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Hi Nicholas

Welcome to myibi!!!

There is a very easy way to do this. If you add a DESCRIPTION to each field in your master file description and add this setting to your server profile SET POPUPDESC = ON, when you hover over a field title in your report it will display what you have in the DESCRIPTION.

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I am trying to find a way to create definitions within my report tables or through a visualization. I would like to be able to scroll over a header or field name in a table and have it display a custom definition for that field. I think what I am looking for is comparable to a tool tip.

I would like the definitions associated with a report or field to be expandable or upon request. I was thinking about just putting the field definition in the footer, but that would be too messy

I am using InfoAssist version 8207.23

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Hi @chuck.wolff, thank you for your reply! That method seems to work for fields that are in the IBI Meta, but I also need a description to display for my DEFINE fields. How can I do that

A friend of mine was able to accomplish what I am looking for in AppStudio, but I am not sure how to replicate it in InfoAssist.

I did add tool tips into the Membership reports using App Studio. The Monthly Membership By Member has descriptions that appear when you hover over certain fields, i.e.: # of Members. I added them in AS to a DEFINE (shown below) with the Description.


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I apologize. I hadnt tested any of this until now. For this to work in InfoAssist, the only way to associate a description with a DEFINE is to put it in the master file description (synonym). I was going to suggest you assign the parameter values to a DEFINE but there was no way for me to assign a DESCRIPTION to that DEFINE in InfoAssist. So bottom line is there is no way (unless someone else has a trick up their sleeves) to have a pop up description to a parameter and if you DEFINE the field with a DESCRIPTION in the master file it will work when that DEFINE is used in a IA report.

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