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I have a javascipt datagrid on a maintain form with a left c...

Deana Goeken

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Welcome Mark,

Thank you for your response. I also thought that the column and row would be undefined or less than 0 or something that I would allow me to distinguish between a click on the scroll bar and a click within a specific cell. However, the value for the current column and row are always the column and row number for the current row. I verified this using alert('col: + col + row: + row); as the first statement in the OnLClicked event.

I primarily use the left click event to highlight the selected row. In this case, the js just highlights the row again, so it does not create a problem.

Occasionally, the user needs to select one or more records, so I have a Select column that gets populated when the grid is clicked. This is when the problem occurs. If the user need to scroll (either up/down or left/right, the Select column is populated. I found this when I was trying to delete selected records. I was trying to delete some records on the bottom of the list and my first record in the table was also delete.

Per your request, I will open a case.

Thank you,


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This appears to be a dev studio version issue. Mark shared 2 examples.

The first used the left click button on a js grid. In Marks environment, clicking on the scroll bar did not trigger the onLeftClicked event. When I ran this code in my development environment, it did trigger the event.

The second example used an HTML table. When I tried to compile this example, I received the following error "Error [FOC03610] in testdatagrids/gridclick2.WINFORMS at or near line 38: LAYERNAME is not a field in (or member of) type IWCCONTROLHTMLTABLE."

The work around I implement was to use the OnRightClicked event to populate the Select column in my js grid.


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