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An issue where the maps on some tabs give a JavaScript error...

Merin Joseph

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An issue where the maps on some tabs give a JavaScript error message when trying to load. A screenshot of the message is attached. Its happening only for a particular user. It is working for others in their organization and we have not been able to replicate, but we observed the client producing the error.

Please find the image for the error message :

Internal Error.PNG733326 19.5 KB


Please help me on this. Thank you in advance.

version : 8206.21

With regards:

Merin Joseph


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Hi Merin

I wonder if everybody else is able to reach out on the internet to access the ESRI library but this one guys is not for some reason.

Are you using the API based ESRI where you downloaded some files to make available internally, or are you taking the defaults:


image.png1350350 30.9 KB


If its blank like this one, then an online connection to arcgis.com needs to be available.

Clicking the for help will tell you more about this:


image.png959440 27.8 KB


As pretty easy test - get on one of your browsers where the maps work and just try to load that init.js that you see the error for:


If your browser can pull this up (its just the .js source code) but the problem user cant, this is your issue.

See the Users guide for how to install the API files to make it so you dont need to have an internet connection.

TIBCO WebFOCUS Copyright 2021. TIBCO Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. Users Guide Release 8207 July 2021 DN4501744.0321

Page 386 -Configuring an Esri On Premise Environment

Let us know if you no longer need assistance on this question.



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