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Hi All Just upgraded to 8.2.7 from 8.1.5 checking out how ...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hi All

Just upgraded to 8.2.7 from 8.1.5 checking out how everything works in 8.2.7

Since we will need to provide access to new features I find that you can not edit the predefined roles

Is there a way to Edit besides Cloning the Role and then editing it

Also some of you who had upgraded from Pre-8 versions have you replaced Dashboards that were built using view builder Our users when log in lands on Views page and then they click from there to get to the dashboards


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Hi Naeem

The pre-defined roles have always been locked, however if you dont see the Roles prefixed with Domain.


image.png1218770 57.3 KB


These can be easily created and are editable.

To create these roles go to the legacy home page and right mouse click on the Domains folder under Resources and choose New / Enterprise Domain. Give it a Title and Name it doesnt have to be anything in particular but as a result of doing this the first time it will create all the Domain Roles which are very useful and can be modified without cloning. Additionally when you look at the security (rules on this resource) on the new domain you will see it has assigned those roles for use with the domain.

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Hi Naeem

I just wanted to suggest that cloning and working with even these roles that Chuck mentioned is probably a good idea. Mainly just so you have a backup of the original Role in case you need it.

A couple of these Roles are new to me - like one to allow changing ownership. Just in case some of these only matter in 8207, itd probably be a good idea to create a new Domain (aka Workspace) with a resource template just to make it create any new Roles that might have been created for 8207.

You can find out more about how to make your own Resource Templates in the Security manual if you think youd get some value out of that.

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Thank you Toby

Yes I will look into new domain

I was able to create access to Library by using the url to the Library .This is on a side panel of the portal. so I can get access but I tried logging in as test user and that id does not have access to the URL I have been looking at the security for that user and comparing it to Admin roles so far not able to find whats causing this error

do you know what security privilege will be for the URL following is the error I get when I log on as a user

Access to item denied IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Portals/Library.url getProperties

User Id can get to the pages in the same portal but for the URL gets the above error


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We made the Domain roles editable on purpose. WF always ships a copy of the current view of those roles in a read-only location. There is a nice feature in the admin console that compares your current Domainxxx roles to the read-only shipped copy. It will tell you what the differences are and there are buttons to update your roles with missing operations or complete replace your role with the new shipped copy. Since that feature exists, you do not need to clone the roles to see what happens. You can always restore roles from the read-only copy. But its always best to try the changes in your test environment.
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Hi Brian

Thanks for mentioning the comparison utility in the Admin Console. I had no idea.

Pretty nifty!

For others like me who didnt notice this, check out my Domain Basic User Role. I havent made any changes to it, so it shows theres no difference, but I liked being able to expand the All option to see it.

@evelyn.schilling I dont know if youre still working on Policy Design, but this might be useful.

Heres a pic:


image.png11661012 99.7 KB


So heres how it looks if I add a privilege to my DomainBasicUser via Security Center:


image.png801292 10.8 KB


Pretty cool - thanks Brian!

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