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Creating a flow in the flow editor on 8207 reporting server....

Scott Zak 3

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Creating a flow in the flow editor on 8207 reporting server. The flow contains two linked flow procedures. The first procedure grabs a file and cross-joins it with a trivial table to create a file with five rows of data. It stores the data locally. This succeeds without issue.

The second flow procedure should execute once for each of the five rows of data. In the properties, i check the box to force get parameters using synonym and select the synonym created in the first procedure.


46fNmBHY7g5eYlVjrm9xn50Ddm69KnYkmplLjRnv8yAr2xySPMpfUESFaocrpjTbrBtyVDEVRWsHzFoT3p7qDqxL8EXsde81MU8Dh0dHkHBRx54ZCU8f3PVMSODKiUMRjlXNgtg.png640759 28.8 KB


It comes back with the error (ICM 18987) Iterator file <filename> could not be found or accessed. The file certainly exists. Where I store the local parameters file doesnt matter. It fails. The file format doesnt matter either JSON, XLSX, .ftm all fail.

What am I doing wrong

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