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Hello WebFOCUS gurus Did anyone created a D3 chart recently....

Yogesh Ajmire

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Hello WebFOCUS gurus

Did anyone created a D3 chart recently. I have been trying to build a D3 chart but still struggling part does my HTML go, and I also need to add WebFOUCS syntax that will pull data into chart. Where does that part go

I looked at this link in github on creating WebFOCUS extension but this does not specify where do I add place for FOCUS code that will build my data file and where do I put HTML.











d3-based graph extensions for WebFocus 8200 . Contribute to ibi/wf-extensions-chart development by creating an account on GitHub.











I am adding to this a HighChart Script to this post. Can someone suggest how to get this going.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Yogesh

Extensions will be used like any chart in the WebFOCUS Designer or InfoAssist GUI. No HTMLFORM needed.

Heres a tutorial how to build your own extension











Tutorial Project to complement the wiki page - Building an IBI Chart Extension: A Step by Step Guide for Web Developers - ibi/wf-extension-tutorial











Building this using HTMLFORM will not work as those type of extensions usually call data from within a JavaScript.

By the way - HighChart is a commercial chart engine that requires a license.

I case you need a specific chart it might be better to look at a free chart engine.

There are a few people that build custom WebFOCUS extensions in case you need something specific.


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