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Hello All When I installed WF on a SandBox it lets you creat...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hello All

When I installed WF on a SandBox it lets you create a IBI_WFRS_Service_User user and password

The password I wrote down long time ago it does not accept it In the past I have used my Admin ID to change this password (Via the Admin Consol) but for some reason it is not taking the new password

I need this to change ownership of a folder so I can have access to that folder for some reason users that I setup do have access to this folder but my Admin ID does not have access

this issue involves wf 81.05M

Any help would be appreciated


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Then I am assuming that PTH is the secondary security provider If you dont have an LDAP ID that is a server administrator add one from the Access Control tab. Then log into the reporting sever console using that ID and under Workspace / Configuration Files look at the Adminsistration (admin.cfg) file and see if PTH admin ID has a admin_passdate parameter and value that has expired. If it does you can delete that line without doing any harm but you will have to restart the reporting server for that to take affect so your timing of doing this needs to be when the server can be down for a couple of minutes while it restarts. The password is encrypted so you wont be able to tell if the value is what you think it is. If all you still cant used the PTH admin ID then delete that user and add it back.
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