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I have a portal with parameters in the left banner that appl...


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I have a portal with parameters in the left banner that apply to all pages. However, on one of the pages, there are additional parameters that I need to add that apply to only that specific page. So, in one of the panels of that page, I have an html page. It contains edit boxes for all of the parameters that display on the left banner and are set to static values as such (ex. !IBI.AMP.BUSINESS_UNIT; ) etc. I then have a procedure that lists all of the parameters like this:


and at the bottom of the page, I reference the html form as such

-HTMLFORM IBFS://example.htm

I placed the procedure in the dashboard where I want the HTML form to show up. But, when the parameters in the left banner are used, it is not updating the parameters on the HTML page. I cannot figure out why it is not working

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