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I have a field that is all numbers (i.e. 12345) and I need t...

Doug Parkhurst

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Is the number always the same size or could it sometimes be 2 digits and sometimes 5 digits

What format do you want the two separated fields to be Will they be numeric or alpha

Are you discarding the number in between the first 2 and last 2

Whats the format of the original field


Take a look at the EDIT function as a starting point: https://ecl.informationbuilders.com/rs_dms_7703/index.jsptopic=%2Fpubdocs%2Freporting%2FUsingFunctions%2Fsource%2Fcharacter10.htm

Depending on the answers to the above questions you could also use other character functions like DIGITS. https://infocenter.informationbuilders.com/wf8103/index.jsptopic=%2Fpubdocs%2Freporting%2FUsingFunctions%2Fsource%2Ftopic73.htm

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Yes, EDIT has existed for as long as I can remember. You can get to DEFINE in InfoAssist by clicking Data tab.

image.png936694 66.9 KB


Once youre in the DEFINE dialogue just put the defined fields Ive provided in one at a time. Keep in mind, this dialogue doesnt need the ; because itll add it internally.


image.png889511 31.5 KB

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Unless its changed with recent releases, the EDIT under mask function as shown above requires an alphanumeric input string, so you may have to convert a numeric input to alpha first before doing the above examples. All this can be done in IA DEFINEs. If you need the results as numerics you can EDIT them back to numbers since theyre small
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I was looking at server 7708 dm_func doc, I think there is an 8207 version so it may have changed, but thats very unusual for typical IBI behavior. It would certainly have made things easier years ago to not have to do the num-to-alpha convert. Also, in your example, will it return a value if the LAST2 format is I2 vs A2 Babeks example used I formats for everything which prompted the original question.
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