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I would like to programmatically set the IBIMR_Defer_Descrip...

Jess Hines

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Hi Jess

This answer is untested but you should be able to create a hidden field in your html page and assign it to the parameter &IBIMR_defer_description. Be careful as the parameter names are case sensitive. You will probably also need to have your administrator add this line to the custom settings in the client administration console

IBIMR_defer_description (PASS)

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Thanks Chuck.

I can set that custom setting myself, but I was hung up on how to get the value from the hidden control to the parameter, as it wont let me type anything in the Selection to box, only pick something from the Requests and Data Sources panel. How do I get it to assign the IBIMR_defer_description variable


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I would like to programmatically set the IBIMR_Defer_Description value in my HTML page as I know what the report should be called and dont want to make the user type in a value.

The help text for the setting in the Admin console is:


When this check box is selected, the default setting, users are prompted to optionally customize the description for the deferred report, which defaults to the title of the report being run deferred. This occurs whenever the description defined in the parameter (IBIMR_defer_description) has not been submitted with the run deferred report request.



When this check box is cleared, the title of the report being submitted to run deferred is assigned to the deferred report description automatically, and no prompt appears.

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I have been trying to create an html page where this is passed as a hidden field. If I have the IBIMR_defer_description(PASS) in the custom settings this is completely ignored without that I get an error that the value of the parameter is invalid. Maybe someone else can help figure out a way to do this.

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Okay, so I still havent found a way to set it programmatically, which is what I really want, not just another static name besides the fex name, but I did find the way to let the user set it.

I have the Admin console setting on as mentioned above.

I have IBIMR_defer_description(PASS) in the Custom Settings

And then, on the fex that will be run deferred, if I view its properties in App Studio, theres an option called Use Title for Deferred Report Description and I set that to No.

Now, when I run the HTML page that calls this fex to run deferred, I get a text box with the default name (the title of the fex), and I can type something else in.

Again, this is a workaround for me, not solved, because I really want to set the title with a couple parameters from the page, and perhaps a date string, but if that proves to be impossible, at least the user can change if they wish, at the cost of one more screen to get accustomed to and one more click.

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