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Hello all Is there a way to delete reports from Library usin...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hello all

Is there a way to delete reports from Library using some batch procedures

Have a situation where during migration developers were testing the reports and after re-running the schedules multiple versions of the reports were created Now users are finding it difficult to scroll thru these incorrect versions to find the correct version of the reports since we have more than 100 locations and these reports are burst by locations so its becoming a big issue for us to locate the correct report

so looking for a batch procedure/solution (SQL) to see if this issue can be resolved in ver 8.1.5m if not is there anything available in ver 82

appreciate in advance for sharing , if you have some knowledge on this issue


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Thanks I am looking at wf 8.2 versions as I find that in 8.2.1 version via Restful services it can delete particular version of the library reports, I wish this was available in 8.1.05M but its not now I am researching what is involved in upgrading to 8.2 from 8.1.05M How much efforts would be involved to upgrade links to any discussion around this topic would be appreciated Thanks
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