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How can i execute a task from a procedure I needed to execu...

Merin Joseph

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Your terminology is somewhat confusing; a task often refers to some OS-level operation and a table could mean a database table, a TABLE FILE or a table layout in your HTML output.

IIUC, you have some HTML output that contains delete icons, that should start processing an operation to delete that item from some list on the reporting server.

An HTML page lives at the client side. To have it affect data on the server side, you will have to send an HTTP request to the server, which in turn will send you a response.

You have a couple of options there. The classic approach is to POST to a procedure (calling WFServlet) that responds with the same HTML page you showed above.

A more advanced approach is to send an asynchronous HTTP request from Javascript to a much smaller procedure that responds with an XML or JSON message and process that client-side (using more Javascript). This concept is called AJAX.

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