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I have a webfocus portal in 8.2.06 (not the designer portal,...


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I have a webfocus portal in 8.2.06 (not the designer portal, but the collaborative portal). I have parameters in the left banner that apply to all pages of the portal which were created and chained together in app studio. The parameters pull from a SQL table that has about 22,000 records. It takes at least 30 seconds or more for the page to load up on the first load. When changing the chained parameters, there is an at least 5 second pause before the next parameter box in the chain updates to be used.

I tried creating the chained parameters in the designer portal instead and they were even slower than the collaborative portal parameters that I created in App Studio.

Is there a way to speed up the loading or a way to cache the table values for the parameters so that it does not have to go back to the SQL table on each page load

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As a test, could you run one of the reports youve put into the portal page outside of the page with Autoprompt Also, if youre using Dynamic parameters, scanning 22,000 records, you might consider creating a List of Values table and take advantage of ACCEPT=SYNONYM in the master file. Thatll make parameters scan for unique values in the List of Values table instead of scanning the entire table. If the list is static and short, you may even be able to use hard coded values instead of creating a separate list table. Take a look at the doc for more details. https://infocenter.informationbuilders.com/wf81rel/index.jsptopic=%2Fpubdocs%2Freporting%2FDescribingDataWithWFLanguage%2Fsource%2Fdif47.htm
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