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is there any APIs available in WebFOCUS 8207 to create a syn...

Gokulnathan Chandrasekaran

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Youll need to create a Procedure on the reporting server thatll use this syntax. Youll have to replace the generic stuff with Adapter specific words.

CREATE SYNONYM [app name]/[new synonym] FOR [target table] DBMS [dbms type i.e. SQLMSS] AT [adapter name]


Once you have this working, you can just automate it by calling this fex.

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We used to do this all the time. Write yourself a Focexec that asks you what app folder to drop your Masters in, and which data connection you want to use (I name my app folder the same as my connection name). Then use that information to build your CREATE SYNONYM commands and iterate your way through all the tables that exist on that connection.
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Looking at some old code, I think you can add DROP at the end of the CREATE SYNONYM command to overwrite the old one.

Another thought, instead of using DROP. You might want to use an APP command to rename the synonyms master and access files, but before doing the rename you would use another APP command to delete the previous ones.

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