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Hi, I notice when I start a flow in DMC and it appear a smal...

Nox Lee

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I notice when I start a flow in DMC and it appear a small window name Processing that keep running till after 24 hours it start another agent to execute the flow again. Is possible to allow the same flow keep running without start another agent to do it again

Windows server; Iway 8206.21

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Hi Nox

I have not seen this behavior before. You data load is tied to a single agent and should not stop until completion. Taking 24 hours to load is a very long time. Do you see the agent running on the web console or are you just monitoring the DMC pop up window showing it is processing. You will probably need to open a case with techsupport on this.

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Hi Chuck,

The original agent is still running, what bothering me is that DMC start another agent to do the request again, which is mess up the originals job and I notice this happen if I left the DMCs pop up window showing "Processing"and the counting time on that same pop up window start from 00:00:00 to count again and I guessing this is why it trigger another agent to start this job again, while the current one still running.

Taking over 24 hours is because I try to load a huge trunk of data as initial load, it should be better once data is loaded and update base on filtered time.

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I think you can run procedures before and after a DM flow

If so, you could create a proc that checks for a lock file (of your own choosing). If it doesnt exist, it creates it. If it does exist, it executes SLEEP(n) and tries again until the lock file has gone.

After the DM flow, you run a procedure that removes the lock file.

You will want to include some code to recover from aborted flows that failed to remove the lock file, and to give up after waiting on the lock file for a suitably long time. You probably want to check the age of the lock file too and remove it if it is deemed too old.

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