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Nihitha Reddy Bhimireddy

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Hi Nihitha


An error occurred when converting a data item for the field in the

segment with the names given in the message. Data could not be

converted without truncation from the USAGE to the ACTUAL format.

FOCERROR is posted to 1426.

I forget lots of the error codes Thought Id put that up here for reference.

Looking around techsupport.ibi.com, I see that this error can pop up when your ACTUAL format is incorrectly specified in the Master file. I think Id suggest re-generating your masters that are involved to see if that helps. Save your old masters in case you want to put them back.

Heres a similar Troubleshooting doc from techsupport that talks about it.

A FOC1426 is thrown when trying to print * from a database

That example had extra complexity of narrowing down the field that was causing a problem, but the basic idea is that the Master files ACTUAL was incorrectly specified.

Let us know if that helps.


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